Twitter Remarketing using Tailored Audiences

Posted by Nanika on 14/04/14 7:51 PM

What is Twitter Remarketing?

Marketers can now target users who have connected to them outside the Twitter environment through Twitter remarketing, also known as Twitter retargeting or tailored audiences.

During the beta testing stages of Twitter retargeting, brands received a promising response. A brand saw an improvement of 45% in its engagement rate while another company drove a 74% decrease in its CPA.twitter-250x199

How does retargeting on Twitter actually work?

Let’s say on a travel website, a user searched for flights to Las Vegas and another user searched for hotels in London. You can now target both these users on Twitter showing them sponsored tweets with tailored messages based on their past browsing behavior on your website.

For example, the user who searched for a flight can be shown a tweet on the lines of “Looking for cheap flights to Las Vegas this month? Enjoy a 10% discount for next 2 days on your bookings!”

While the one searching for hotels in London can be shown a different sponsored tweet like “Make your stay in London comfortable yet affordable with our list of partner hotels. Book 3 nights and get the fourth night free.”

Wondering how this is made possible?

Through cookie based browsing data. When a visitor visits your website and leaves on a certain page, his browser cookie ID gets saved.

Twitter remarketing partners then add this ID  to the appropriate remarketing audience list you have created. They then share this information with Twitter and Twitter matches it to an existing twitter id and shows that user a relevant sponsored tweet.

Respecting user privacy

While Twitter lets you target users you want, it respects user privacy and doesn’t share their twitter information with you or Twitter partners at any point.

A Twitter user can also choose to untick the box next to ‘promoted content' in their privacy settings in order to bail out of receiving promoted tweets. Moreover, Twitter also supports DNT (do not track) for users who have disabled sharing browser related information in their browser.

Our Recommendations

  • Continue using basic Twitter targeting filters (e.g. Geotargeting, Device and Gender targeting) along with this feature to further enhance your campaign's performance.
  • Test out offer/discount/incentive based tweets versus simple message based remarketing tweets to get the best results.
  • Run a promoted accounts campaign via remarketing alongside to get your existing customers to follow you on Twitter.
  • Ensure you are engaging with your Twitter followers on an ongoing basis. The more the organic engagement, the higher are the changes of getting a response on your sponsored tweets.
  • Keep in mind, it’s always wise to invest in long-term loyalty than just a one-time conversion.



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