How to Give Access to Your Analytics Account

Posted by Carol on 13/01/13 4:06 PM

1. Access analytics by going to and select “sign in”

2. Select your account by clicking on link to your account as highlighted below or the “All Accounts” tab



3. Once you are in your account, click on the admin tab in the top right hand corner of your account



4. Click on the link to profile as seen below



5. Click on “Users” tab as seen in the image below


6. You will then see a list of people who have access to your analytics account. Click the “Add User” button as seen as the image below



7. Enter in the users email address and the type of access you want to grant e.g. administrative or User and tick notify this user by email. Click Add User and they should now be added.

We recommend administrator if the person is managing your Google AdWords account or if they are setting up conversion goals for you in analytics.





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