Marketing to your customer - now & then

Posted by Ray on 17/08/20 10:50 AM

Any decent marketing campaign will have the basics covered, including your customer personas and customer journey map. However, these documents can sometimes become a box-ticking activity rather than a tool to shape the way that you market and communicate with them. 

In the past 6 months have you considered if your target customer has changed? Has the net been cast wider or pulled tighter? And importantly has their day to day changed? Perhaps your offering doesn’t serve them right now or they’re using your product in a different way than when you spoke to them at the start of 2020.

So have you updated your personas and the new customer journey to reflect these changes? 

Or perhaps you continue to market according to what was working in Jan of 2020; because ignorance is bliss right!

If you have decided to pause your marketing spend all together - I want you to consider what your industry will look like when business and consumer confidence returns. 

More importantly, It’s critical that you consider what your could business will look like.

You and all of your competitors turning your marketing back on - at the same time...

All of a sudden, a market that was quiet, is now flooded with marketing and offers for the exact same consumer.

customer journey 2

 On the contrary, you could keep your marketing campaign ticking along at reduced capacity considering your personas day-to-day in an effort to remain top of mind, build consumer confidence, and brand trust.

You’ll have kept them warm during this downtime and your brand will be top of mind when they’re ready to spend again with your business.

This is also a time, that you can market for long term success - not the immediacy of a paid Google Ads campaign, but for marketplace authority when things start to return to normal. You can even use this time to define yourself as an industry leader.

Over the past 6 months at Swoop Digital we have been tweaking our clients marketing strategies; keeping their target audience engaged and ready to fire when things return ‘back to normal’ - whatever that looks like.

If you need assistance in tweaking your current marketing strategy, improving your Google Rankings with SEO or implementing a marketing automation campaign with HubSpot - give us a call.


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