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Posted by Carol on 21/04/18 12:16 PM

Life online has never been as dynamic as it is today. Videos and news posts go viral by the minute, only to be sucked into the black hole of the World Wide Web hours later. Shiny new social media networks bravely step onto the scene with another network breathing down its neck, just waiting to crush them under its foot within a matter of weeks.

One thing that hasn’t changed in its importance in this face-paced digital world, however, is content.

Apparently, the message about the importance of content has been received loud and clear. According to a recent survey from Point Visible, over 70% of marketers are planning to create more content this year than they did in 2016, and over 75% are going to invest more resources into their content marketing programs and digital agency Melbourne firms.

Finding the right digital marketing agency

Because content marketing has become so crucial to online success, many digital marketing Melbourne firms have emerged in recent years. For those without an existing relationship with a firm, the plethora of such ‘experts’ can make the vetting process long and arduous.

We recommend that you start by looking for these three qualities in a digital marketing agency.

  1. Experience, experience, and more experience
    Be wary of content marketing firms that have been in the Melbourne digital media marketing game for just a few years. The longer a digital marketing agency has been in the marketing field, the more insight they will have into trends and marketing results, and the greater the foresight they will have in what innovative strategies will prove to be successful for your brand in the future.
  2. Long-term proven results
    Ask the firm you are considering engaging to create your content marketing strategy for case studies which show:
    • Their quality of work delivered
    • Their level of innovation
    • The KPIs (metrics) used to measure the success of a content marketing campaign (including Google Adwords, social media posts, email marketing, etc.)
    • How long their clients have been with the agency

Ask them about any campaigns that did not reach their potential, and the changes that were implemented to reverse the situation. The best digital marketing agencies are nimble, and have the ability to tweak campaigns to address any downturn in results.

While all of their clients will have different requirements most of the core marketing strategies will apply to all. So look at any case studies they share, and testimonials from current and past clients to see how these might apply to your business.

  1. Knowledge of your industry
    Having a large and diverse portfolio of clients and campaigns is important for a digital marketing agency, but what is an even greater asset is choosing a firm that is already familiar with your industry.
    Familiarity with your industry means that the firm already knows the competition and where brands like your own have excelled or failed. This knowledge means that they can maximise results and create better and more relevant content marketing campaigns for your business.

Choose a Melbourne digital agency that will deliver

Swoop Digital is a leading data-driven marketing firm in Melbourne which is committed to delivering maximum results for our customers. Throughout our 20 years of experience, we have worked with top household brands including Kmart, Birds Eye, and M&Ms, to successfully achieve their business objectives, targets, and financial goals.

To find out more about how our digital marketing agency can help your business grow both online and off, we invite you to contact us today at 1300 858 839.

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